Dropbox Spaces 2.0 is a virtual workspace that brings together teams and projects. Spaces is the new experience from Dropbox and is designed so small, content-centric teams can streamline their work, prioritize their day, and stay connected from anywhere.
In-House: Dropbox Paper
Role: Product Designer
Year: 2018-2019

Collaborators: Walter Somerville, John Saito, Jason Perez

Tasks Creation

When teams use tasks to coordinate work, they struggle to track and complete them because they’re usually not in one place. I worked on creating a lightweight way for teams to track their tasks in one place to feel accountable, confident, and accomplished.

Tasks on Content

When work revolves around content, it isn’t easy to align with others on what needs to get done. By bringing tasks closer to content and giving users the ability to create, prioritize and delegate tasks from content, we enable teams to coordinate effectively.

Task Responsivneness

To unblock teams & individuals and help deliver a more flexible and robust user experience, we maintained cohesiveness across platforms and devices so that customers can use our product from any device and browser size they see fit.

Task Reminders

After tasks are assigned, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of them to know when they are due; To provide users with awareness, we made sure Spaces automatically reminds assignees of their tasks when they are due or overdue across all spaces.

Spaces Beta Request Page

Users who have recently become aware of the Spaces app and are looking to try it need to find a place to learn more about it and request the beta. We created a marketing page for our Spaces 2.0 launch to drive awareness and generate a pool of users to gather feedback.