At Kettle, I worked on-site at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA, embedded with the App Store & Apple EDU teams. I assisted with the iOS11 social channels branding design system and worked on storyboarding videos for new features and promotional campaigns for the Apple Learning Center.
Client: Apple
Agency: Kettle
Role: Senior Designer 
Year: 2018

Collaborators: Motion by Matt Brant 

Discover Shapes In Keynote

As part of the Apple Learning Center, we created a How-to video for Apple EDU. Demonstrate how to build new shapes in Keynote with the shape tool video to promote creativity & exploration.

Create Silhouettes In Keynote

Apple EDU is helping to bridge the student - teacher gap. To better familiarize teachers with their students, Apple created "Silhouettes in Keynote". Students can customize silhouettes they feel match their personalities and fill them with shapes to identify themselves.